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Conversational Hypnosis: Eye-Accessing Cues Part II

By Steve G Jones

Conversational hypnosis is a program consisting of many hypnosis and NLP techniques.

These techniques you can be useful in many different situations such as dating, sales, and developing rapport with another person.

It is a way that you can consciously act on someone’s subconscious mind, without them knowing it.

Of course, I always encourage people to use conversational hypnosis for good because there are so many powerful techniques you can use with conversational hypnosis.

In my last article I talked about the six different eye accessing cues. They were: visually created (VC), auditory created (AC), kinesthetic (K), visually remembered (VR), auditory remembered (AR), and internal dialogue (IR).

Basically, these cues are apparent by the direction someone is looking and thus you can read what is going on in their mind.

Law enforcement agencies train their agents with this technology.

This is true in the USA and probably other countries. The Federal Agents are trained at FLETC. The fact that the US government pays money to have their Federal Agents trained in this technology is good news. The US Federal Government sees that it is important to train their agents with this technique so that their agents can get into the minds of someone they are interrogating.

Do keep in mind that this information is out there. If you have someone staring right at you, it may be someone who is using this technology on you.

Chances are you will be dealing with a date, someone to whom you may be selling something to, a child, a parent, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or someone who is your boss or employee.

Before you can use any of this technology you must first determine which way the person is oriented, referring to whether they use the accessing cues "normally" or the opposite.

If you want to see if someone is normally oriented, you would talk to them about something you know they have never seen before.

For example, you might mention a character in a movie or something that would require them to create something visual. They would have to create it in their minds. You will then see which way they look when they create something visual.

If they look up to their right, you know that they are normally oriented.

If they look up to their left, you know that they are oppositely oriented.

As you can see it will take some practice to get used to someone’s eye accessing cues. After you have practiced with some friends, go ahead and try it out on people you don’t know. Try to see if you can get into their mind.

Learning eye-accessing cues is a very powerful technique.

 It allows you learn a little more about the person you are talking to than if you were just having a normal conversation.

I encourage you to go out and try this technique on people. It is fascinating and a great skill to have!

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