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Here's How to Use the 9-Bottled Wind Pranayama Practice, and Natural Supplements to Detoxify Your Body  

By William Bodri,
Meditation for Beautiful Skin

Here's what you do to detox your body QUICKLY and speed your chances of meditation progress.

Get 3-months worth of nattokinase, Nature's Pure Body detox herbs and use the 9-bottled wind pranayama breathing practice together.

In less than one month, the nattokinase will get rid of blood clots throughout your body, the Nature's Pure Body will start pulling poisons out of your connective tissues, and the pranayama breathing exercises will help speed the process.

Just the other day, a 50-year old friend called me and said he finally took some nattokinase at only 2 capsules a day. "The pain in my legs I've had for years is gone," he said.

"Of course," I told him. "What do you think I've been telling you? Not only that, but the blood flow to your brain has been increased and blood circulation through your body improved. Your blood pressure has probably dropped and you've reduced your chances of stroke and heart attack. Think of all the garbage out there people make of lowering your risks for these things, when it doesn't help, and just a few small pearl capsule will have you cleaned in no time."

Okay, Nature's Pure Body? Why this one? Because it's the one nutritionists recommend most and in tests it works!

The herbs used to detox you in this formula really do pull poisons and toxins out of your skin and connective tissues. You can see it in 2-3 weeks just as with nattokinase. Yes, the results are that fast.

I have one 33 year old friend who, in one month doing breathing exercises with nattokinase and taking Nature's Pure Body capsule, looks about 5-7 years younger.

His girlfriend complained to me and asked him jokingly to take a "Get Older" pill because this antiaging regime works so well. It's all explained in our meditation for beautiful skin manual if you want more details, but all you have to do is follow what I just told you.

Take both supplements for about 3 months for the full effects, but just for 1 month if you're skeptical. See the results for yourself.

As to the nine-bottled wind pranayama breathing practices, this article would not be complete without the steps, so here are the instructions once again: In the Nine-step Bottled Wind Practice, there are four phases performed for each of the nine rounds of practice.

These four phases are:

  • Slowly drawing wind (air) into the lungs.

  • Fully filling the lungs as much as possible with air as if they were a bottle or vase.

  • Holding the air inside the lungs for as long as possible while remaining relaxed (not tensing the muscles to restrain the air, but keeping them as relaxed and non-stressed as possible)

  • Quickly expelling the air from the lungs when you can hold it no longer, shooting it out like an arrow.

In the nine-step bottled wind practice, you hold your breath three times while holding the left nostril shut, three times while holding the right nostril shut, and three times while holding both nostrils open.

This makes a total of nine rounds of breath retention, hence the name "nine-step" vase breathing or "bottled wind" practice.

The exact steps of this breathing practice are as follows:

1. Sit in an upright position.

2. Visualize your body becoming as clear as crystal.

3. Close your mouth and using the index finger of your left hand to close your left nostril, press your finger against the left nostril and inhale the air into your lungs slowly through your right nostril.

The inhalation should consist of a long, gentle, deep breath--as long and deep as possible. During your inhalation, contemplate that your body becomes filled with light and that this light dispels any internal poisons, darkness and obstructions.

Continue inhaling as slowly and deeply as possible until you are "full" of breath and can inhale no longer.

4. When your lungs become full, relax the body as much as possible while holding your trapped breath within. The breath must be compressed, or held inside for as long as possible without being allowed to leave the body, and yet you must use as few muscles as possible to retain it without leaking.

It is important while restraining your breath to maintain an upright position without tightening your body or any muscles so that your chi activates from the retention and starts opening up all the tiny channels in the body that might be compressed during muscular straining; if you tighten your body rather than relax it, then even if there is force behind your chi it will not be able to pass through certain chi channel pathways that are obstructed.

Experienced breath retention (kumbhaka) practitioners can hold the breath for several minutes, even as the face turns red, which indicates that the wind element is opening up the body's tiny chi channels everywhere.

5. When you can hold your breath no longer, exhale it as forcefully and as quickly as possible through the other open nostril.

You forcefully shoot your breath out of your body with the speed of an arrow and that exhalation completes one cycle or round of this exercise.

You must repeat this exercise of slow inhalation, long retention, and forceful exhalation two more times, for a total of three times per nostril. All the while the left nostril is kept closed while the active nostril is the right nostril.

6. Switch hands, so that the right hand now pinches the right nostril closed, and the left nostril is left open. Inhale through the left nostril following the equivalent instructions as before.

Repeat this exercise three times for the new nostril. Thus, six repetitions of this exercise will now have been completed.

7. When the left and right nostril breathings are both done, extend both arms to push on your lap and lift your chest. Using neither of your hands since they are both pushing on your lap, inhale slowly through both open nostrils, hold your breath within for as long as possible, and then exhale quickly by shooting the stale air out through your open nostrils when you can't hold it any longer.

Do this for a total of three times. Altogether nine inhalations and retentions are performed, which gives rise to the name of nine-step bottled wind practice.

The important point to this technique is to hold your breath, after drawing it in, for as long as possible, during which time you don't tighten your muscles.

You should never employ too much force in restraining your body but simply hold your breath, with one nostril shut, using as few muscles and as little energy as possible.

You don't have to guide your breath or chi or do anything at all except RELAX while in the state of breath retention.

Truth be told, 95% of people never do anything about anything. They want meditation progress but don't meditate. They want health but do nothing about it.

All you have to do is try it -- nattokinase and Nature's Pure Body and pranayama breathing exercises and you'll see a wonderful change in health and meditation progress.

The burdens of a heart attack or stroke are tremendous and here's something I know they will outlaw because it's so blazingly effective at lowering blood pressure, getting rid of clots and increasing circulation everywhere.

When your body is in good shape and doesn't bother you, health is improved and your chances of meditation progress increased. Don't just be a bump on a log but at least check it out.

Why waste your time reading all these articles if you never do anything! So go ahead and get yourself one month's worth of Nattokinase (I use the Allergy Research brand), Nature's Pure Body herbal detox tablets, and start doing daily pranayama breathing exercises.

William Bodri, has a Masters Degrees in Engineering and an MBA from Cornell University as well as a background in naturopathy and another Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition. He is also author of these ebooks:
White Fat Cow: How to Change Your Life, Fortune and Destiny Through Merit and Meditation
How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization


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