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What is Hypnosis - Hypnosis Explained...

By Adam Eason
Personal Magnetism & Hypnotic Attraction

Before you first experience hypnosis and start using it to make wonderful, beneficial changes in your life, this page is designed to perhaps to answer a few questions you may have and also to dispel a few myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. 

You know, I still meet people that believe that experiencing hypnosis is like being unconscious.
I always reply, "What would be the point of that?"

Spending money and time to be unconscious in someone else's company?? If I wanted you to be unconscious we would simply bash you over the head!

So it is important that you also know that hypnosis is not about being unconscious and that you have the correct expectations about the hypnotic experience that you are going to have, should you choose to invest in one of our products or experience hypnosis for yourself with a hypnotist. 

Two Different Levels of Mind

In order to understand hypnosis, it is important to understand and differentiate between our minds.

By that I am referring to our conscious mind, where we are now and just below that level of awareness is our unconscious mind (also known as the subconscious mind, for the purpose of easy understanding they are the same thing).

The conscious mind is where we usually spend most of our waking time, you know that internal dialogue we have that thinks "hmmm, what shoes shall I wear today" that is your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind basically does four things; 

Firstly, your conscious mind analyses.

What is that? Well that is the part of us that looks at problems, analyses them and tries to create solutions to those problems.

It is that part of us that makes decisions all day every day "shall I open the door?", "Shall I have something to eat", even though they are automatic behaviours, we make a conscious decision about whether or not to do these things. 

The second part of our conscious mind is our rationale, the part of us that, especially in western cultures, always has to know "Why" things happen and "Why" we behave in particular ways.

This can cause us so many problems as we give any problems more and more credence and power.

More conventional and traditional methods of counselling or psychotherapy are often very much concerned with looking at causes of our problems and it is my opinion that all this does is teaches us "why" they happen as opposed to giving us the skills required to changing unwanted habits and behaviours.

The more we think about "why" we do things the more we seem to embed the unwanted behaviour into our psyches! 

The third part of our conscious mind is will power, that teeth-gritted determination that so many of us are proud to demonstrate.

How many times have we used our will power alone to make changes and found that our will power weakens and that change is temporary or non-existent. 

The final part of our conscious mind is our short-term memory. By that I am referring to the things that you need to remember to function on a day-to-day basis, so that when your phone rings you know to answer it rather than stare at it wondering it is, or ensuring that you cross the road without being run over. 

That is the conscious part of your mind, it is logical, rational and analytical, a bit like Mr Spock from the Start Trek series and as much as it pains me to say it, our conscious mind is frequently wrong about things. 

Your conscious mind is wherever you happen to be pointing it at any given time.

I am sure you have been in a busy, noisy environment, such as a restaurant or a bar and have been engaged in a conversation with another individual, and all the sounds going on around you just seem to blend into the background.

Then someone else ten metres away can punctuate their sentence with your name and you pick it out as if it was being spoken to you.

This illustrates that unconsciously, you are aware of many, many pieces of information every second of your life, sounds, colours, thoughts etc, yet your conscious mind allows you to focus upon what is pertinent or relevant to you at that moment. 

If you take that conscious awareness and point it inside of yourself instead of outside into the world, you begin to become aware of your inner self, your unconscious self, which is the part of you that we work with in hypnosis.

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Written by
ADAM EASON, Creator of Personal Magnetism & Hypnotic Attraction programme

Adam Eason is one of the most qualified in his field, highly academically recognized as international best selling author, motivational speaker, therapist, consultant and trainer in the fields of hypnosis, communication, Personal Development and human potential.

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